What is the difference between renting or buying?

This is the most asked question we get. So let me explain it the best I can for you!

What is renting?

Renting does not require you to have a premium membership to Second Life. Instead we hold the premium membership and pay all the fees required to Linden Lab. You in turn pay us a rental price every week. You will join the group the land is deeded to (group invite is automatically sent once the rental meter is paid). Once you pay the rental meter and join the group you will have access to change almost every setting in the land menu from parcel name, description, music stream, parcel picture, banlist, access list, object entry, and more! Pretty much the only setting you can't change is putting your parcel in search. But no worries if you need the parcel put in search so people can find your place easier we can add that for you. Linden charges us L$30 a week for this feature which we just add on to your rental price.

What is buying?

Buying land requires you to have a premium membership to Second Life. You would be responsible for the premium membership fees as well as any tier fees that exceed the allotted square meters included with your premium membership. You can find information on premium accounts here https://accounts.secondlife.com/change_membership and you can find tier prices at the bottom of this page https://secondlife.com/my/account/landfees.php